The Secretary of Melawi Regency, Mr. Paulus : All The Recomendation Given By The State Audit Agency Must Be Follow-Up Seriously

The secretary of melawi regency, Mr.Paulus said that all the recomendation given by the state audit agency must be follow-up seriously. "I asked all of you must do the recommendation given by the state audit agency regarding with financial review of melawi's regency," said Paulus. Paulus said it on monday, (29/03/2021) at the regent office.

Mr. Paulus said that the state audit agency was reviewing the financial report of melawi's regency. He also said that the state audit agency will checked all the vehicles of melawi's regency government.

"The local government budget must be planned well for the prosperity of the people in melawi. Therefore, I want you to do all the recommendation given by the state audit agency. Dont'do the same mistake," said Mr. Paulus.

Mr. Paulus was also reminded to all the government officers to improve their performance.

"When we talk about achievement, I don't think that we have it. We poor of achievement. Talking about human development index and poverty, we are the lowest compare to another regencies in west kalimantan," said Mr. Paulus.

The secretary of melawi's regency also compared how well the government of Singkawang in agriculture. Paulus said that according to data, the agriculuture land in singkawang is smaller than in melawi. However, the production of rice in singkawang is much higher than melawi.

"As we know that agriculture is become our priority. I hope it will be the trigger for us to work much harder," said Paulus.

He also asked to all the goverment officer who attended that meeting to prepare data to make the strategic planning of melawi regency for 2021-2025.


Published by : Felix Triudadin

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